The Black Market is a tool Rico can use to call in weapons, vehicles, ammo, and explosives. Rico can use the black market at any time in the game as long as there is sufficient space where Rico places the beacon.


Weapon Cost ($) Chaos Required
Fragmentation Grenade 25,000
Pistol 20,000
Revolver 40,000
Sniper Rifle 45,000
Assault Rifle 55,000
Triggered Explosive 30,000
Sawed-Off Shotgun 35,000
Shotgun 45,000
Submachine Gun 35,000
Machine Gun 70,000
Grenade Launcher 75,000
Rocket Launcher 80,000
Rico's Signature Gun* 40,000 N/A
Bull's Eye Assault Rifle* N/A

*Weapon is only available through DLC


Vehicle Cost ($) Chaos Required
Makoto MZ 260X 25,000
Pell Silverbolt 6 30,000
MTA Powerrun 77 30,000
Rowlinson K22 35,000
Shimuzu ATV 110 25,000
Garret Traver-Z 40,000
Poloma Renegade 50,000
Hedge Wildchild 50,000
GV-104 Razorback 100,000
Sivirkin 15 Havoc 100,000
Chevalier Classic* 25,000 N/A
Agency Hovercraft* 125,000 N/A
Monster Truck* 75,000 N/A
Chevalier Ice Breaker* 25,000 N/A

*Vehicle is only available through DLC

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