The logo for the Reapers

The Reapers are a rebel army set on bringing a revolution to the island of Panau, they are lead by a woman known as Bolo Santosi, it would seem she is of Asian descent so it is possible she was born on Panau. The Reapers also have a hatred of the Roaches.


The Reapers use humvee like cars with their clan logo and a red camo finish. There are 2 cars that you can see patrolling regularly in the streets of panau; the Marten Storm III and the Marten Storm III-2

as shown below:

Marten Storm III

Marten storm III2

Marten Storm III-2

Marten storm III


For the Marten Storm III there are some fixed locations but for the Marten Storm III-2 there aren't any confirmed fixed locations but there is a shared location.

Marten Storm III

X: 16894 Y: 9422 X: 13107 Y: 25246 X: 17598 Y: 12914 X: 5609 Y: 27353

Reapers HQ

Marten Storm III-2

Reapers HQ

Faction leaderEdit

Bolo Santosi is the faction leader of the revolutionary army known as the reapers , she is a woman aged 30-35 and has a greed on money and power. She is the number 1 famous NPC in the game as you begin with a reapers stronghold in the demo , many people based her as a necessary part of Just Cause. She's very honoured along the players as the forums of eidos have shown and there is even a soundboard made and her character was available as a mod on the PC version of Just Cause 2.

She's also known among the players for her accent which is very humorous, since the game takes place in an Asian country the most characters also have a accent when attempting to talk english.

Here you can see the first cutscene of the demo: